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Well done! No regrets because I made over $4,000 in just a week!

So many sites out there but this is the real deal!

Without doubt I'm dealing with a real person, with real credentials and real results.

No complains but only praise and heartfelt thanks to you for being honest and real, which is most important -  Freddie Leong, S'pore



From: Eric Surya
Ex Bookmaker Employee and Football Betting Expert


Dear Football Bettors,

My name is Eric and I was nearly broke to the point of having nothing in my life...

No car....no home to stay....no friends...just two years after I left the underground network to come back to my hometown to lead a normal life. 

I will not bore you with my how I got broke story...

But you need to listen to me very carefully if you want to start making some fast and easy money from betting on sports.

I was an ex bookmakers employee...

And all the information in this system is 100% written from experience and knowledge about how the bookmakers operate.

This system is purely written for anyone who wants to make fast and easy money working from home doing the easiest job in the world. 

This is the a real inside information made by an ex bookmaker employee to give you the extra advantage in making money from your football bets.

You don't have to lose again with this system!

I have been in Asia's underground bookie network for 8 years and...

You can never learn to beat the bookie from anyone else except from someone who has been in the network before....

And seen first hand how their system was made to suck in all your money until dry. 


Some Facts You Need To Know

The system that I used to rake in more than $23,000 in monthly profit is something that I have came to learned...

...And master during the period I was working as a bookmaker employee.

I have seen how their group of analyst and accountant work and came out with the odds for the game and distributing them to all other bookmakers network online.  

I mean all the big betting house online!

Tell me how and where the big online bookmakers get their Asian handicap odds from?

They have connection with the underground network I was with and let me tell you this thing and it is going to blow your mind.

The online bookmakers that receive the odds from my previous network NEVER lose any money.  

SO stop thinking and asking this question....

If a system that bettors came out with is so good and thousands of them are using....

Will the bookmaker lose money?

They do not lose money because they have the top group of analyst and accountant  working all round the clock to balance off their book.

Only suckers like you lose money if you don not have the right knowledge or system that can help you to win.


 My Average Monthly Profit


This is just ONE of my betting account....

As a professional bettor, I have a few other accounts to protect my investment.


Let Us Get Down Straight To Business

Just answer these questions honestly. 

Do you really think you have the knowledge to beat the bookie?
Do you lose more than you win? 
Are you taking this trade seriously or as a charity?
Do you owe any money to get off paying the bookie?
Do you sleep well at night after betting on any game?
Do you get sick of losing your hard earned money to the bookie?
Do you live your life the way you wanted to? 


I bet only a few games per day and I am happy with it.

At most I bet 5 games per day but only during weekend where there're a lot of nice games playing.

It took me less than an hour every week and there is no stress on me and I am still able to do other things in my life. 


Would You Like To Make The Kind of Money I Make? My Average Profit on A Normal Day


The Truth Why Most Bettors Lose Money

#1 - They Usually Bet On Emotions

The number 1 factor that contribute to the problem of bettors losing money is because most of them usually bet on emotion and 75% of them don't even know what they are betting on!

#2 - Follow The Wrong Crowd

Most bettors like to source around the internet for news and updates on the match that they are going to bet and chances are they will find many of them on the internet.

Many of these sites provide tips and recommendation which is also base on their emotions and many of them differs from one another.

So in the end, the bettors themselves get information overloaded and end up confuse.

#3 - Lack Of Experience

Many bettors lack the experience and yet wanting to make money from their bookie.

They fail to equipped themselves with the best football betting education before going into this trade and end up losing all their hard earned money.


 FREE! Worth $67

"Insider Secret On How You Can CONSTANTLY Win On Your Football Bets"

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What Is Guerilla Betting System?

It is a system that will sweep everything that comes in your way....

Imagine sweeping in all your bets into a winning bet?

You can never ask for anything this good anywhere in this world unless you have a family or a neighbors that runs a big underground bookie network.  

I have put down together the best masterpiece on Asian Handicap Football Betting.

After all, that is the best style of betting and you will know why very soon when you get this system. 

There are reason why the odds are put in such a way for all the matches.

The bookies already know the outcome of the game way before the game start and the odds they came out is just a betting guideline for bettors to punt. 

In this system, I will reveal a straight forward system which is the bookies favorite.

This system is the goldmine for all discipline bettors.

Well after all, I have been there and seen it and I am using it to my advantage to make my profits. 

Unlike others who have a system or strategy, they will give you a lot of other bonus which you can get it free on the internet.

I will not waste any of our time giving out those free stuffs which you can get free on the internet. 

In this system, you will be taught all that you need to know straight forward about beating the bookie.  


And before I forget...

This system CAN be used on any leagues around the world as long as the bookmakers offer Asian Handicap odds for it.

Most bookies like Betsson, IBCBET, 188bet, Labrokes, William Hills, Betus, Betuk, Betfair, Bet365, 12bet, Sbobet and many more are offering handicap odds.

Some call it spread betting but I prefer to call it Asian handicap betting.

And YES! This system is SUITABLE for players in USA.



You Will Receive The Same Exact System That I Use To Make More Than $23,000 Every Month From My Football Trading!



An Asian Handicap system base on the favorite odds offered by the bookie. Use this anytime they offer the odds and you will rake in good profits...Guaranteed!
Bookie's big secret - An insider info on why they never lose money. This will blow you mind away.
A professional betting strategy you need to start cranking money from the bookies - Guaranteed!
A video tutorial on how to effectively use the system that I have put together. 


The system above is so much valuable than any other thing for any bettors.

This is a system that will start cranking money for you the minute you start using it.  

Look at the example below....

With this system, making more than $$1000 a day is just an average figure.

You can start making this kind of money too from your bookie by using this system all from the comfort of your own home.


You Could Start Making More Than $1,000 Per Day From Football Betting, The Fast And Easy Way With Guerilla Betting System


Take a look below. These are all real account being traded.


A surefire Asian Handicap Betting System that will start cranking money for you anytime  will cost you an arm if you are asking me to put a price tag on it.

I am not kidding about it...

I am sure any serious bettor will pay a high price for this system.

But don't take my word for it.

Listen to those bettors who has started using the system and see what they have to say about Guerilla Betting System.


What Other Bettors Are Saying About Guerilla Betting System


Win And More Winnings.....

Hi Eric,

The best about using this system is that it points to only to one thing and that is the WINNING BETS.

I now look forward to a new betting day every day and seems to get the hang of it now.

I no longer worried about losing because there's practically impossible when I have applied the system correctly.

I am on my winning streak and thanks for the tips on how I can keep the winning streak for long long time.

Alvin Meyers
Melbourne, Australia


Very Simple To Use

Hey Eric,

You made it possible for me to make back all my losses and turn the table around.

This system is straight to the point, hit and run with all the bookmakers money and

I love it!

I have been using your system for 5 weeks now and honestly speaking...

I can't believe my own eyes.

Not only I have made back my $8,000 losses, I am now enjoying a good healthy winning from my football bets.

You made it all possible for any football bettors to start making profits from their football bets.

Michael Song,
Penang, Malaysia


The Best Football Betting System!

Hi Eric,

This is a very cruel system for the bookmakers but it sure does make myself and a lot other bettors smiling from ear to ear.

With your system, I have learnt to be more discipline in my punting and I only punt to make money.

This together with the system has made me unstoppable!

Everything I touched now turns to gold and some of my mate even start asking me for football tips.

Can you believe that...WOW!

I now make money from my bookmakers and also helping others to make money too and this is the best any bettors can ask for.

Wayne Johnson,
Manchester, United Kingdom


This Is My Online Wallet

Hi Eric,

This is so far the best system I have ever used because of it's simplicity  and straight to the point betting approach.

I really like the name you put for this style of betting - Guerilla Betting.

With this system now in my hands, you are like giving me an online wallet which I can fill it in with cash anytime complementary from my bookie.

I have carefully read and understand all in this system and the first time when I applied it in my actual betting, the results simply Rocks!

I am now very confident to hit my six digit in my football betting.

This is my best ever investment and thanks for sharing it with me.

Josef Terry,
Jakarta, Indonesia


700% Increase In Profit In 1st Week!

Hi Eric,

You put it very clear and simple way for a newbie like me to start making money from football betting.

I made a healthy profit of more than 700% betting on just $100 per match the first week I started using this system.

I am really impressed with my performance considering this is my first ever time betting on football.

With the economy this year looking very glum plus I just get laid off from my full time job.

You just bring some light into my life and thank you very much for putting together this magnificent system.

Daniel Wong,
Singapore, Singapore


Sweep Everything That Is In Your Way Into Profit

Just imagine the money you will make from your bookmakers if you could just win 80% of all that you bet?

I will just leave that to you to guess.

This system will crank 80% to 90% of all your bets into winning bets if you use it correctly.

It is so easy that even a 12 year old boy could be making more than $15,000 a month!



Having a betting account like that every month is a dream come true for every bettors.

You will be one of those who will achieve that when you get your hands on this system. 

This sure fire system has been tested and proven to turn any bets into winning bets.


And the best part of it....

It's been put together by an Ex Bookmaker employee who has seen practically everything about football betting trade.

I know by now you are all excited to lay your hands on this beauty and start killing all the bookmakers on this planet.

So let me just do a short recap on what you will be getting in this system.


Here Is What You Will Receive


An Asian Handicap system base on the favorite odds offered by the bookie.
Able to use with any sportsbook in the world

Suitable for player in the USA.

Use this anytime they offer the odds and you will rake in good profits
An insider info on why they never lose money.
How the bookmakers operate to suck all your money.
Bookie's secret they don't want you to know


A professional betting strategy you need to start cranking money from the bookie
Best staking plan that professional bettors are using.
Mistakes most bettors do when planning their stake
A video tutorial on how to effectively use the system that I have put together
Step by step and easy to understand.
Video downloadable to your PC



I have more surprise for you. I will also give you this as a bonus (Worth $450)


I will include a three month membership to Football Super Tips Silver Membership for you.

You will be entitle to 3 premium Football tips worth $450 in the first three months that you purchase this system.


So Eric, How Much This Crazy Package Will Cost Me?

To tell you frankly....

I am sure you will even pay if it cost you $900.

Correct me if I am wrong....

So let me surprise you a little bit.

I know it will be an insult to you to offer a system as good as this for the kind of price I am putting now.

After all, you know that this system guarantees to make you all the money you need, right?

But my point of putting it low is that I want you to stop thinking....

.....And get it straight because it is for your own good.

You owe it to yourself to start making the additional income you deserve or to make back all the losses you have contributed to the bookie.

The price is not even close to a one match betting amount you place on each game.

You will quickly make this amount back after your first trade, without any doubt.

This whole system is priced at $97 and you can call me crazy but you should know that I make my money betting on football.

If you are really serious about making consistent...

....fast and easy money from your football bets or if you are trying to recoup back from your losses....

.... or if you are looking for that proven system that can start making a second income from your home....

This is the ONLY system you will ever need!


Excellent Product Support

Hello Eric,

I am very impressed with the support you provide for your system.

I sent in more than 3 emails to your support email and all were being answered within like 2 hours.

Simply impressive and it helps to build my confident in your product knowing that there's a real person behind there.

I started to try football betting after seeing my good friend prosper from it and makes me feel that after all, it's another form of investment where I can always try.

It really paid off when I made $3,487 in total during my first 2 weeks of betting with just $200 startup capital in my betting account.

That's a total of 17 wins!

Eric, this system is a banker for any punters.

Kumar Mani,
Selangor, Malaysia


The Only Football Betting System Worth Buying

Hey Eric,

I have been using a lot of other betting system I bought on the internet and this is the most profitable I have used so far.

I am now able to keep my winning momentum after using Guerilla Betting System and also now a more confident punter after collecting money from my bookie week in and week out.

This system has showed me the one important strategy to constantly win in my football bets.

I would gladly pay for it even if you price it at a thousand dollars.

Attipong Suratticheep,
Bangkok, Thailand


You Need This System To Start Making Money.... Period!

You will make back the cost of this system in your first bet that you place.



For A Limited Time Only!

Steal My Exact Winning System Today At $97/--

I can't guarantee that this price will be here for a very long time.

It will be back to it's normal price of $297 in a few days time and I can't tell you when.

So don't be surprised to see it back to $297 the next time you come.

You will receive The Guerilla Betting System immediately after you make payment even if it's 2am in the morning so you can start using it right now..




Success Always,



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